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Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

cakepops bouquet

this cakepops bouquet is a repeat order from my lovely customer, she loves our valentine bucket we made earlier, 
this time she order 3 bouquet for her friends at her old office
the first one for a guy,and his works is deals with insurance, money etc. (i forgot what exactly his job is :D)
the other 2 is for her friends also at the same office, with blue color theme

minnie mouse cake and cakepops

snoopy cake for a dear brother

Selasa, 07 Februari 2012

Mr Bean and Ravel

When Ravel's mom contact me and asked for a Mr Bean Birthday cake, i was very excited!! and jumped into an image of Bean's car. It has to be Mr Bean, his mini and teddy, for a perfect Mr bean scene, isn't it?  And his mom added Ravel into the picture... So here it is.... hope u'll love ur birthday cake Ravel....

Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

two chloe's closet cakes

this chloe cake was made more than a year ago for my bestfriend's daughter, Jessie.  
Made this when we were still in Balikpapan, so we have to send this to Jakarta ;)
too bad i couldn't be there for the party, i heard it was a wonderful one.

This one also for a dear friend's daughter, Emilie, who wants just exactly like jessie's chloe's closet cake
but... covered in buttercream instead of fondant icing, because both mom n daughter love buttercream better than fondant

Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

Princess Aurora for Jessica

the goodie bag is a collaboration with little party

A special Angry Bird for Rafael

This is my first Angry Bird cake, been waiting to get a chance to create a scene of this furious birds n their cutes enemies ;)  Thanks to Rafa's mom, I finally can make angry bird scene on a cake *yeeaaaayyyy*

mickey, aeroplane and barney

Angry Birds for My Boy

simple cake for small celebration at school

all the angrybirds army on the cupcakes for friends at class

the Bird.day Boy

Baby Clarissa 1 month cake

 Baby one month package, minicake 12cm and 2 red eggs with a bunny theme.

2 Ben10 cakes for Rafael

I love it when my little customer had 2 celebration....so I can make 2 kinds of cake *big grin*

Piglets, Princess and Fairies

A cake for Giselle.who adores Piglet so much.  Happy First Birthday Giselle.

A soft pastel colour castle cake for Abigail came with all the princess on top of the cupcakes ;)

All the fairies were gathered in this light purple cake for Danica

Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

all for the boys ....and bigboys ;)

This cake was specially made for a highschool friend,as a gift for her nephew Sean
hope he will enjoy this cars2 edition carved cake 

This cute n huge Shaun The Sheep cake is ordered by a woman for her husband......*er..for a daddy?not the son? :D
anyway...i had so much fun doing this special cake
and loooved the way it turned out to be 
Happy Baaaa.....day Papi ! enjoy the shaun!

Finally I had a chance to make an aeroplane cake.... this cake is for my sis in law, for a surprise on their anniversary  
Her hubby is a pilot for sriwijayaair,that's why it has to be an aeroplane with the colour of sriwijaya air